RL Pearsall is an American fashion stylist and brand consultant.

Learning from generations of chic African Americans dressed in their starched uniforms, Sunday best and trendsetting streetwear, RL had an early beginning in fashion. He went on to study at top-ranked universities for fashion and business in the USA and Europe. RL has since spent years working as a stylist, writer and consultant in a number of brand management roles for international businesses, including LVMH.

A sample of his work includes publication in Boys by GirlsContributorEllementsKaltblutKrull, Meiyo, Odalisque, OutRES, Rain, Vanity Teen and Vogue Italia Photovogue magazines, special events work for Comme des Garcons and styling for runway shows and private clients.

RL continues to love great style and finds influence in music, history and architecture as much as the latest runway trends. He sees fashion as the ultimate tool for self-expression and is known as a sartorial globetrotter in his personal style. Most often, an #allblackeverything look wins the day. 

From minimal to avant garde, RL’s work is mindful of art, creativity and international appeal!