Check Out


Sometimes it's necessary to simply check out of the madness in order to obtain a little more zen. I can't think of any better time than Black History Month to check out of drama and the negative news that bombards us via TV, digital and print media, and perhaps check out a book on great Black trailblazers. From those honored with holidays, monuments and films to those whom I will never know by name and whom never had a chance to experience half the piece of mind they fought for, I will spend this month focused on their Black excellence. I can't think of anything more uplifting and calming.


Track & Feel


The blistery, oft-below freezing temperatures and snow of Winter 2017/18 have been nothing to play with! But, it's always a great time to play with fashion in NYC. Running into the weekend, I felt inspired by all of the high-low, street-couture exchange and disregard for tradition dominating the menswear runways from NYC to Paris to Tokyo. I threw on an easy Adidas track jacket for leisure and for the sake of warmth (and luxury, of course), my mink. TGIF or Track & Feel!