On this day, I am taking a break to see, smell, surround myself with, and contemplate in the midst of beauty. And two things that I always find beautiful are nature and handcrafted, artisanal wares ... such as my handwoven Ghanaian basket, Ethiopian shawl and Southeast Asian jewelry. Like nature, artisanal wares are stunning from afar but even more awe-inspiring up close when you consider the time and energy required to bring this beauty to life. And no two objects found in nature or made-by-hand are identical, making them inherently special.

RLLL ... RL loving life ... RL living life ... and, of course, RL loves Loewe.




For many people, Memorial Day is the unofficial start to summer ... whether they've been longing for the days of wearing white or wearing next-to-nothing at the beach. 

I think it's more important to remember those longing for loved ones who will never return home because those loved ones gave the ultimate sacrifice, their lives, for our freedom.

For those surviving family members and comrades of fallen veterans, I offer my thanks and well wishes this Memorial Day.


Black + Super


Outside the Obama years, this has perhaps been the best President's Day weekend I can recall. Note: This is in no part due to the current occupant of the White House, but thanks to Hollywood. Shattering record ticket sales, the Marvel - Disney production of "Black Panther" premier gave myself and many others pause and cause to celebrate. Finally, a major blockbuster action film showcases a super hero with a black face (and majority, star-studded black cast). Fantasy aside, the film celebrates the real power of representation, Afrocentric pride for all those in the Diaspora, feminism ... and the list of positive #wakandaforever vibes goes on and on. I hope this is the beginning of a franchise with many follow-ups and spin-offs to come! In the meantime, I'm going into the work week feeling black and super!


Leaf. Me. Alone.


As my poor orchid had shed its last bloom, I took a look out of the window to see that the leaves were turning a perfect array of amber and orange hues and the remnants of recent snowfall were darkening and melting under passersby's feet. I thought nothing more fitting to wear for a stroll than fashion's master of dark romanticism, Ann Demeulemeester.

Deep in thought along the trails, I realized the irony of recent December conversations ... whether joyfully counting down the days to disconnecting our workplace tethers in order to join family and friends for year-end celebrations, or, nearly throwing those same electronic devices filled with spam of overwhelming holiday cheer ... at some point during the holiday season we all just want to scream: leave me alone. And on this beautiful fall/winter day I found the perfect tree under which to do just that, naturally in #allblackeverything.

'Tis the season!