This week has given me much to think about, particularly the use of a Black male child in an H&M advertisement for its "Coolest Monkey in the Jungle" sweatshirt. I am appalled that in 2018 the same stereotypes of the not-so-distant past can be so carelessly tossed about, whether purposefully for PR or ignorantly from lack of diversity within the ranks of one of the largest global retailers. Either way, this ad and H&M's lackluster apology (coupled with a lack of direction for real change), made me blue.

Thankfully, one remnant of the past that rightfully gets periodically reinvented in the world of fashion is: blue denim. Whether called the Canadian tuxedo, blå,  denim on denim, blue costume, #allblueeverything ... no matter the trend name, blue denim is always a good idea!

Hopefully fashion finds new ways to reinterpret the color blue and not new ways to make us feel blue.