"Cool hat! It gives me a Jimi Hendrix vibe." noted a random passerby. "Thanks!" I replied with a smile. 

It's been a few years since I last heard such a comparison directed at me. The last time was my natural hair iteration preceding locs, when I wore my hair as a curly, irreverent afro (to a white collar, corporate office).

On this occasion, like those of the past (and any to come) I remain proud to stand on the shoulders of such an icon of music, entertainment and style! Jimi was an undeniable original and force du jour of his day. He was the embodiment of true style and remains an unforgettable inspiration.

Jimi was truly a "wild thing" that makes "my heart sing" and "everything groovy." I laugh off any true comparisons. But cheers to walking into the week with a bit of Jimi-inspired sauvage!