On this day, I am taking a break to see, smell, surround myself with, and contemplate in the midst of beauty. And two things that I always find beautiful are nature and handcrafted, artisanal wares ... such as my handwoven Ghanaian basket, Ethiopian shawl and Southeast Asian jewelry. Like nature, artisanal wares are stunning from afar but even more awe-inspiring up close when you consider the time and energy required to bring this beauty to life. And no two objects found in nature or made-by-hand are identical, making them inherently special.

RLLL ... RL loving life ... RL living life ... and, of course, RL loves Loewe.


Goal Line


Today, like many days, I find myself reflecting on my goals ... those of the personal and professional variety. My achieved goals encourage me to set new ones. And, my un-achieved goals fuel my passion for those a bit farther away on the horizon. As they say, life's a journey! 

In the meantime, it's Hump Day. So at least my journey to the weekend goal line is in sight!





"Cool hat! It gives me a Jimi Hendrix vibe." noted a random passerby. "Thanks!" I replied with a smile. 

It's been a few years since I last heard such a comparison directed at me. The last time was my natural hair iteration preceding locs, when I wore my hair as a curly, irreverent afro (to a white collar, corporate office).

On this occasion, like those of the past (and any to come) I remain proud to stand on the shoulders of such an icon of music, entertainment and style! Jimi was an undeniable original and force du jour of his day. He was the embodiment of true style and remains an unforgettable inspiration.

Jimi was truly a "wild thing" that makes "my heart sing" and "everything groovy." I laugh off any true comparisons. But cheers to walking into the week with a bit of Jimi-inspired sauvage!


Silver Fox


Being smartly dressed for the weather doesn't always mean nylon.
Gray skies don't demand melancholic garb.
And, suiting doesn't have to be uptight!

This Jil Sander wool suit and French cuff shirt combine two of my design loves: minimalism and gray. And dare I add, style and function? 

This suit was made to match the monochromatic winter landscape and dropping mercury. And the shirt, shown unbuttoned, took me from office-appropriate to after-hours ready ... albeit that after-hours was a nature walk. That's where the Marc Jacobs hat and custom, silver fox fur came in handy.

Cheers to a handsome fall/winter!